Gospel Tracts And Kids: Creative Ways To Get Kids Involved In Ministry Outreach

When it comes to ministry opportunities, never underestimate the impact kids can have on spreading the gospel message. Kids are naturally energetic, and their excitement when working on a project is contagious. Getting kids involved in a gospel tract ministry is a win-win situation that is sure to bring a positive change to your local community.

Sunday school project

If you teach Sunday school, you already know how challenging it can be to come up with new ideas to keep the kids interested and engaged. Throw a party for the community and have the kids make treat bags for the guests and add a gospel tract geared especially for kids to the bag. You could also take the class to a local event and set up a free beverage stand and serve the community by handing out free drinks and gospel tracts.      

Family outreach

Make family memories your kids will cherish forever by getting everyone involved in getting gospel tracts into the hands of those who are not believers. Have each family member choose at least one friend to focus on. Purchase small baskets, wrapped candy, or other small items, and create your own mini gift baskets to give along with a gospel tract.

One-on-one opportunities

Is there a special kid in your life you want to spend more time with? Taking a day trip together is a perfect way to enjoy quality time together while spreading the gospel. Plan your trip and determine where you want to stop along the way to share gospel tracts.

Some good places to leave gospel tracts are laundromats, rest areas, restaurants, arcades, bus stops, and libraries. Get creative as you travel and look for unique places to share your gospel tracts.

Expand your outreach through mail

One of the easiest ways to share gospel tracts is by mail. Let your kids help address holiday or thinking-of-you cards to send with a gospel tract. You can also make your own greeting cards and let the kids decorate them with inspirational stickers.

Gospel tracts are a fun and easy way to promote the Bible and faith in an unoffensive way. If you are looking for an easy way to share the truth of God's word with your local community, gospel tracts can help. Getting kids involved in a gospel tract ministry is sure to be a positive experience for you, the kids, and your community.

For more information on gospel tracts, contact a professional near you.