Faith on Display: How to Use a 3-D Printed Temple to Show Your Faith and Inspire Others

If you are a person of faith, your faith is an important part of your life, and you are always looking for creative ways to share it with the people around you. Putting your faith on display by using art or religious sculptures often leads others to ask you questions, which gives you an opportunity to share your faith in a positive way. Giving religious art as a gift is also a great way to encourage other believers in their walk of faith.

Displaying your faith at home

Making religious works of art a part of your home décor is easy and the ways you can use art in the home is limitless. Give your faith a top priority by displaying a 3-D printed temple on an accent table in the foyer or entryway to your home. Make your religious artwork the focal point and add candles, some greenery, and a Bible to complete the look.

If you have a prayer room in your home, a simple piece of religious art can remind you of the importance of your faith. It can also serve as a reminder to take time to pray and grow in your faith. Religious art is also perfect for displaying on a nightstand by the bed to remind you to say your prayers at night and in the morning.  

Displaying your faith at work

Displaying a piece of religious art on your desk at work can inspire you to keep going when you are having a stressful day, as you remember the peace your faith brings. It also gives you an opportunity to share your faith if coworkers ask about your art. 

Displaying your faith through gift giving

If you are looking for a gift that will inspire and keep on giving, look no further than a 3-D printed temple. Giving a gift of faith can encourage fellow believers when they are going through a difficult time. Place a piece of religious art in a gift basket as a nice surprise along with other comfort items, such as favorite teas or coffee.

Using printed religious art pieces or sculptures at home or at work, such as a 3-D printed temple, is an easy way to show others how important your faith is to you. Religious art pieces also make beautiful decorations for the home and can encourage your own walk of faith while at the same time inspiring others who visit your home. Whether displayed at home, at work, or given as a gift, religious art is a visual reminder of your life of faith.